Case Study


Silah was founded in 2009 in response to the fragmented nature of the customer-facing solutions that existed in the public sector. At that time, the government relied on multiple small call centre pockets that were housed within individual ministries. These centres lacked focus and experience, only offered traditional voice channels and required repeated investment by the government.

With the establishment of Silah and the one-time investment in centralised contact centre infrastructure, government operational standards significantly improved. In 2010, the National Contact Centre (NCC) of Bahrain was created, implementing a shared CRM database that offered a personalised service, as well as a central hotline number (80008001) and multi-channel services.

Working in partnership with several ministries, we provide exceptional customer experience for a host of public sector services and seasonal events. Through the NCC, we strive to be the ‘ear of the government’ and the first point of contact for citizens in the Kingdom. Our employees, which are 100% Bahraini, are trained to represent, and speak on behalf of the ministries for a seamless customer experience. This is further enhanced with our introduction of high-tech solutions in the delivery of our services, including 24/7 chatbots and Smart IVRs.

Award-Winning Centre

The NCC has won various awards over the past few years, including the Best Integrated Government Contact Centre in the Middle East and the United Nations Public Service Award (UNPAN) for the unique and high standard of services it has provided to Bahraini citizens. We are extremely proud of these recognitions, which confirm our leading position in the government outsourcing and contact centre industry in the region.

Since the National Contact Centre started operations in 2010, our objective has been to create a premium service, which will not only provide best in class customer experience for Bahraini citizens, but also be an employer of choice in its sector.  The NCC is a success story for Silah, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and for the government sector in Bahrain.


  • Inbound Enquiry Line: Customer Care, Appointment Booking, Payment Processing, Technical Support
  • Outbound Campaigns: Citizen Satisfaction Survey, Reminder Calls, Feedback Calls, Invitation Calls
  • Back-Office Activities: Complaints Management, Tawasul Support, Technical Support, Liaising with Ministries, Document Processing
  • Other Channel Support: Video Support, Chat, SMS, Email/Fax/Mail/Voicemail, Social Media