Case Study


Silah has worked with some of the biggest market leaders in the Telecom sector, offering clients expertise in strategic and technological solutions.

We take pride in bringing maximum resolution for our clients by managing the entire functionality and operations of their contact centres, including inbound and outbound, servicing rewards, incentive programmes, collections, retention and supplying frontline customer service – using proven tools and services for a variety of queries. Our clients receive our full support in dealing with both B2B and B2C customers, handling daily operational management of the centre, as well as providing recruitment and training of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

With extensive experience of working in the Telecom sector, we also provide on-going consultation on customer profiling, marketing strategy and campaign development. Our account managers provide detailed revenue forecasting, management information reports, and advice on campaign strategy. We employ enhanced techniques to get through to more clients, ensuring reaction time is quick and systems are extremely streamlined, so that no business time is wasted.

The journey with some of our clients in this sector began with simple customer service processes to handle queries for customers placing orders and managing complaints. As their business grew, so did the depth and complexity of our work with them. With a 90% first contact resolution rate to back up, our clients have entrusted us with increased access to their systems to continually help improve the customer journey and all-round process.