Case Study


Silah has been servicing the travel industry since 2015, providing customer service solutions across the GCC, as well as handling overflow services for the US and European markets.

With the objective of building and operating unparalleled contact centres for our clients, our work in the airline industry in particular aims to create cost effective, high-quality, flexible and sustainable infrastructures that allow rapid growth and premium brand ambitions. Recognising the strategic importance of the sector as a regional BPO opportunity, Silah has developed a value-added model for retaining its clients. The core of this strategy is defined in 5 focal areas:

  1. Seamless set-up and on boarding of premium Contact Centre Infrastructure
  2. Demonstrate Silah’s distinctive capabilities in managing Contact Centre operations for the Client throughout the GCC
  3. Demonstrate flexibility in scaling services
  4. Demonstrate dynamic, value-add capabilities to maintain attractiveness of near-shoring to Silah and Bahrain
  5. Creating incentives to keep the services project in Bahrain

Silah’s successful achievements in the airline industry has not only been a major milestone for the company, but also provides an impressive case study demonstrating that Bahrain can attract regional brands looking to outsource their service operations. In this regard, Silah prides itself on contributing to the positioning of Bahrain as a GCC service hub for customer services and driving employment opportunities in the country.